The Awakening!

The Awakening

I am without a doubt obsessed with this series! I am an avid reader and have never been so engaged and invested in a series of books as I am with The Gifting series. I have read The Gifting and The Awakening 3 times now, and I NEVER reads books again! I cannot get enough and am excited and sad for the third book in September. I don’t want this series to ever end 🙂

K.E. Ganshert has a way of drawing the reader into such well-developed stories and character descriptions that they become your family, best friend or worst enemy. I experienced the characters emotions right along with them. The fear, the love, the anger and the jealousy are so intense throughout the book. I am amazed at Ganshert’s ability to take you back to High School and the intense feelings that come along with being a teenager. Tess and Luka are on an otherworldly journey that has twists and turns around every corner. There are fascinating new characters introduced in this book that add a whole new dimension to what Luka and Tess are learning about themselves and each other.

You will not be disappointed by this book!


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