The Gathering


“When you’ve seen what I have seen, when you’ve lived what I have lived, there is little choice.”

It has been hard to write this review without giving anything away but I tried to do my best! In The Gifting and The Awakening we watch as Tess and Luka discover themselves, each other and a world of others like them. They now know they aren’t crazy but what they have discovered sure seems unbelievable at times. The Gathering introduces us to so many new characters, locations, emotions, battles, and conspiracy. The story line of this final book is captivating and intriguing with intense love, sacrifice, deception, betrayal, second chances and adventure.

Luka is trapped and Claire has defected. The hub is no longer secure and it looks like they will have to leave. The world above ground is not safe for their kind and being on the run again was never part of the plan. Their journey to safety leads to suspension, forgiveness, betrayal and wild new discoveries.  The puzzle pieces are coming together and the prophecy is unfolding before their eyes. It is time to figure out what it means and what to do about it. The path of discovery and triumph is wrought with internal conflicts. Discovering true feelings and what love really means while battling the war within to fulfill what we are meant to do or follow our selfish tendencies to avoid painful sacrifice. Tess has to decide what she is going to do with the tremendous power bestowed on her. There is hope that good will prevail in the battle between good and evil, light and dark as long as fear does not guide their actions.

K.E. Ganshert has a way with words, descriptions and story building that captivates, illustrates and makes the scene real. The emotions evoked are penetrating, real and powerful. When Tess gets goose bumps, so do I. This series has painted a frighteningly realistic picture of a future that seems all too possible. What the world would look like if guns were illegal, if women were required to abort not perfect babies, if the “weak” were eliminated. We could use this series as a society to prevent rather than predict what will come. My only dislike is that the series is over! I want more! Maybe 10 years in the future, a “where are they now” kind of book? Maybe a series from Luka’s perspective? I can’t wait to see it in the movies 😉 Do not miss this thrilling journey of tragic loss and exhilarating victory.

“The only route is forward. And so we travel it, taking the things we’ve learned and the people we’ve lost along with us.”


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