The Art of Losing Yourself


“You shouldn’t let something that happened in the past stop you from having something that could be great in the present!”–The Art of Losing Yourself    by Katie Ganshert

The Art of Losing Yourself resonated with me deeply. It is a powerful and real story. As with all of Katie Ganshert’s books the subjects hit close to home with real characters experiencing REAL life. Katie draws you in and makes you feel like these characters are right here with you, like you live in the Panhandle of Florida and are witnessing this whole story take place!

I have loved all of Katie’s books and highly recommend The Art of Losing Yourself. I am very serious when I say you need to read this book! You know that a book is well written when you cry beginning, middle, and end! The story is full of tension and internal struggles that spill out into the world around the characters, into their relationships and decisions.  The book is written from the perspective of 2 different characters. This is a different approach/style then Katie has used before and she accomplished it masterfully. The flow between characters was seamless and I am so glad she chose to write it this way.

I identified most with the older sister character Carmen….always perfect, has never done anything wrong, goes to church every Sunday, perfect job, perfect husband, perfect house….perfect life, at least from the outside looking in. Why then is God punishing her? She has done everything right….but has she trusted?

The scene with Carmen at Toys R Us captured so many encounters and compulsions I have had over the years in a beautifully crafted scene of intense uncontrollable emotion! I cried and laughed so hard during this part of the book. She did everything I wish I had the guts to do!  I still have a twinge of jealousy every baby shower, a moment of despair when the questions come and a feeling of rage at those stupid parking lot signs 😉

Aunt Ingrid gives us the beautiful portrait of unwavering faith even though dementia has taken hold. She provides the link between the supposed perfect Carmen and the troubled Gracie.

Gracie is the damaged teenager struggling to finally belong and feel love. Never trusting God because of what she has been through. How can you blame her really? Not all of our stories are as rough as Gracie’s but we can all relate to wondering how we trust a God that lets so many bad things happen?

I went into this book expecting romance because that is what Katie’s books usually provide. This was not the case for The Art of Losing Yourself and quite frankly I am glad. You will not get the fairy tale ending you expect but a reminder that life is not perfect or the way you plan it to be. There will be struggles and paths that we do not understand but God’s plan is glorious in the end.

Enduring faith, steadfast love, unending grace, REDEMPTION…That is our God.

Rating: 5/5

Genre: Christian, Contemporary

Audience: Adult, Teen

WaterBrook Press and Katie Ganshert sent me her book to review here and elsewhere on the web. I was not required to post a positive review and I am not paid to do this. Other than with a copy of the book, of course.


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