Hope Unfolding





Hope Unfolding is exactly what it says “hope unfolding”! Becky Thompson has a masterful way of making life as a Momma freeing. She takes you on a journey of “Real” life and the grace that is provided through our relationship with Christ.  “Sometimes we have to be willing to trust God to lead us down the roads that don’t make any sense if we want to continue to walk in His perfect plan. You might not be able to see it from where you are standing now, but there is a path that will take you to your purpose.”

Becky calls all of us women to let go of the shaming, comparing, and guilty thoughts that occupy our minds. We need let go of the lies we tell ourselves that we need to be perfect all of the time and rest in the peace that God provides. “Wouldn’t life be just so much easier if we were a little more honest with ourselves and other?” We need to stop hiding life from each other and pretending we have it all together! No one has it all together!  This book is a must read for all Mommas!

“He is our source. He is our strength. He is the life and the love that we pour out on those around us. He is the peace that fills our homes. He is the joy that unites our families. He is the love that binds us together. And when we allow Him to be this source, we never run out.”

I received this book from Blogging for Books for my honest review.